Senior Management Team

Introducing a Senior Management Team

Is it time to relinquish some of the control and form a Senior Management Team, individuals with the expertise to lead a department in a new company structure? 

Up to this point many small businesses will have grown organically with promotions into middle management roles often coming from within or colleagues from the past. This is by far the easy route to take in the short term. However, having the right person in the role for a senior position, with the necessary skills and experience is likely to require recruiting externally from a far wider talent pool and can often take several months for long term benefits. 

Reflect on the Past

When a business is on the threshold of restructuring and taking major steps forward it is a good time to reflect on the past and review the history of the business. The continued growth and sustainability of the business depends upon firm foundations, upholding a vision.  Revisiting the core values and purpose can help realign anything that has slipped over the years. The business story is also a useful recruitment tool with candidates having a clearer understanding of the company they could be potentially joining. 

Once the core values have been confirmed the next step is to identify and recruit people who have the capability to do the job and buy into the vision. Ideally you need a team of strategic thinkers, people with a variety of personality styles who see things from a different perspective. What unites them must be their ‘buy-in’ and commitment to the vision and values of the company. 

Leadership Style

As the business leader it will also be a time for you to focus on your personal leadership style. Understanding your leadership style and how it affects the culture of the business sets the tone, it is important as others will use you as a role model. A good leader will encourage creativity, listen and communicate effectively. They will encourage their staff to make contributions, motivate and reward them. 

How do you rate yourself as a Business Leader? Download ourscorecardto check for your personal strengths and weaknesses. 

A senior management team must be able to work collaboratively, they must also be able to share the company vision, to communicate effectively to the team they are leading to ensure employee engagement throughout the company. 

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